An opinionated toast component for Svelte.



The Sonner component is provided by svelte-sonner, which is a Svelte port of Sonner, originally created by Emil Kowalski for React.


Setup theme support

By default, Sonner will use the user's system preferences to determine whether to show the light or dark theme. To get around this, you can either pass in a custom theme prop to the component, or simply use mode-watcher which you can hardcode to dark or light mode should you wish.

You can learn more about setting up Dark Mode support here.

If you wish to opt out of Dark Mode support, you can uninstall mode-watcher and remove the theme prop from the component after installing via CLI, or manually install the component and don't include mode-watcher

Run the following command:

	npx shadcn-svelte@latest add sonner

Add the Toaster component

	<script lang="ts">
  import { Toaster } from "$lib/components/ui/sonner";
<Toaster />
<slot />


	<script lang="ts">
  import { toast } from "svelte-sonner";
  import { Button } from "$lib/components/ui/button";
<Button on:click={() => toast("Hello world")}>Show toast</Button>